Accident Investigation

Getting the business benefits

Accidents at work are very costly, both in direct compensation and loss of production and in the damage that is done to employee and public relations and morale. Effective investigation and reporting of accidents and near misses gives invaluable information to help businesses improve their health and safety procedures, and rectify the cause to ensure that the problem does not occur again.

Course Overview

This one-day course provides the practical skills required by anyone who is involved in accident or incident investigation at work. It is based on a number of real accidents and includes a practical exercise to allow the participants to practice the investigation skills taught on the course.

Who will benefit

This course is designed for anyone who is or may be involved in accident or near miss (incident) reporting and investigation at work. 

  • Committee members, managers, supervisors and workers who may be involved in accident investigation
  • Facility managers, human resources managers, senior managers and others with responsibilities for conducting an investigations or implementing changes resulting from an investigation

Learning Outcomes 

  • On successful completion of the course delegates will be better able to:
  • Describe the accident investigation process for an accident including elements of preparation, emergency response, evidence collection and analysis, report-writing and recommendations
  • Work safely under supervision at an accident site
  • Conduct witness interviews and collect material evidence from a variety of relevant sources
  • Conduct an analysis of evidence to develop a no-blame report of what occurred and recommendations for future prevention
  • Critically assess strategies for working alongside interested parties including the emergency services, legal services, news media, families and regulator.
  • Understand the reasons for reporting and investigating accidents and incidents
  • Understand the main legal requirements.


After successful pass of course test the delegate will receive course completion certificate.

Training Key Facts

Duration: 1 day 
Place: To be confirmed 
Price: Includes course materials, assessment & сertificate 
Certification: Baitau Certificate

Course price

To be provided by request

Group size

Up to 15 delegates per group


1. Introduction 

2. General Provisions of Root Cause Analysis 

3. Review of the RoK Incident Investigation Regulatory Requirements 

4. Review of the Existing Incident Investigation Procedure Used within the Enterprise 

Note: If discussion of the given topic is not possible, it is recommended that review of the international incident investigation practice be done 

5. Root Cause Analysis Process 

  • Incident occurred
  • Data collection
  • Establishment of Incident Investigation Team
  • Making up sequence of events
  • Identification of protection systems
  • Identification of root causes (“five why” technique, “why-tree” technique)
  • Validation of causes
  • Development of recommendations
  • Compilation of incident investigation report
  • Review & submission of the report

6. Keys to successful incident investigation 

7. Exercises 

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