NEBOSH - Testimonials - Daulet Nauryzbay




Daulet Nauryzbay, HSE coordinator





Очень хороший курс, Р. все дословно и объёмно объяснил. Я освежил старые и получил ценные знания. Спасибо большое.




Ертай Султан, Инженер по Охране труда и радиационной безопасности, KAZ Minerals





Выражаю благодарность за проведенное обучение. Полученные навыки будут применяться в практической деятельности.




Мукашев Бауржан, Начальник отдела ПБОТОС, КазТрансОйл





Мне все понравилось, инструктор очень компетентный и квалифицированный. Жаль, что не получилось провести занятие очно.




Ольков Александр, Начальник ОПБ, ОТ и ОС, КазТрансОйл





Считаю, что полученные знания станут руководством для улучшения ОТ и ТБ в лаборатории, спрогнозировать риски, контролировать и улучшать условия работы, сделать ее еще более безопасной. Курс расставил по своим местам, упорядочил знания для применения на практике.




Кулмакова Майсара, Начальник Испытательной лаборатории, Жаикмунай





The tutor is excellent




Ismagulova Ainagul, Health, Safety, Environment, Radiation Protection Director, КАТКО





I like the course. Thanks, Baitau!




Isniyazova Diana, Senior Manager of HSE Department, Samruk-Energy








Nurlan Bigotanov, Health, Safety and Risk Management Senior Coordinator








Elizaveta Osadchaya, Head of Facilities, Records & Information & HSE Management








Vitaly Gasukha, Safety engineer








Sarsenbay Nazarbay, HES Specialist





It happened that I attended NEBOSH training course after all.  And I’m happy!  First, because I really wanted to attend this course.  Second, I haven’t realized, that it is so difficult, but, in the same way, so exciting and interesting!!!!! NEBOSH is something that will change you for the better. Baitau Partners was a specialized training company, which conducted the course in Atyrau. Two weeks of continuous trainings and practice... refreshing at nights... at home.... Books, copybooks, endless notes and phone conversations with colleagues and trainers.  And of course our trainer... So patient and supportive. Exams started, when two-weeks training was completed.... I was afraid and excited, because NEBOSH means old-school exams, when studying days and nights... Again... and again... You know – I got a kick out of it!!!! It is real old-school training: one should write huge amount of information while attending the training, and pass pre-exam tests.  Besides the exam itself was arranged in great state ... and that's mighty good!  Because you know, that you can rely only on brains and..., pen.... and that’s all you have there!!!!!  Such training system prevents from cheating on.  It is surprising that it works! Many examples, rules, team solution of problems, games and prizes – all this helps softly consolidate and memorize training content, but without fail provides foundational health and safety knowledge, thus changing trainees’ HSE views once for all, wheatear you green or experienced engineer... There's something new for everyone.  Communication with colleagues implies sharing of industrial health and safety experience as well. You get clear structure of both fundamental and special knowledge as the result of training.  You master health and safety management skills of international level, workplace risks management skills, health and safety practices for routine operations in any company and in any country all over the world. You get information at the training in such a way to memorize through the all channels of perception. You will listen, watch and write much, and as the result you can tell all studied material, even if you are awaken and asked in the middle of the night.  Skills become automatic ones, which cannot be switched off at COB or hidden in the drawer for weekend. Oh! I forget to mention about inviting atmosphere and great team of Baitau Partners.     Raikhan, Asemgul, Victoriya, and Diana did their best to create relaxing atmosphere, cared about us, treated to goodies, patiently answered to all our questions, calmed down and supported!  Kindly thank you all! 




Ilona Rassokha, Chief Technical Safety and Health Manager, KBI Energy





NEBOSH course was excellent, and the atmosphere was warm and friendly. Qualified trainer clearly explained training material. Thank you very much.




Gasukha Vitaly, HSE Manager





Baitau Partners has really tight-knit team. Teamwork can be seen. NEBOSH courses arrangements and training at the top levelи. Thanks.




Adilov Arman, Deputy HSSE Manager, KCOI





Trainer possesses excellent verbal communication skills. He was motivating me to study in the course of the whole NEBOSH training. Training and communication method is beyond any compliments! The trainer knows the training course perfectly. This is the very case, when I can say, that the training course exceeded all expectations.




Sabitov Anatoly, HES Specialist, Tengizchevroil





I liked trainer’s feedback to trainees. The trainer is an out-and-out professional.




Aknazarov Bakhytzhan, HSE Specialist, AGI-CDCS Kazakhstan





I get a lot of useful information at NEBOSH courses. Trainer’s training method is beyond any compliments. Everything was clear and easy-to-understand. Thank you very much!




Sabyrgaliyeva Nauryzgul, Safety Specialist, Tengizchevroil





I’d like to thank trainer for his method of NEBOSH training. Training material was presented correctly in ascending order depending on its complexity.




Bukeshev Serikkali, HSSE Field Expert Supervision, Tasbulat Oil Corporation





Thank you for HSE information provided. I appreciate Baitau Partners efforts on arrangement of NEBOSH at a decent level. Special thanks to the trainer for his competence and input to our training.




Ospanov Kuanysh, MSW Specialist, Tengizchevroil





NEBOSH training was really effective and all arrangements were taken in a high quality. Special thanks to Raikhan and Dina for the really great job they did to ensure this two week of training flows in a planned and appropriate manner.




Kumarova Gulden, OE/HES MSW Team Leader