Defensive Driving (OPITO Accreditation)

Course Overview

The OPITO Safe Driving at Work Training and Assessment Standard (code 9076) is a minimum standard designed for any person who is required to drive in company business, is employed as a driver or is a local hire driver under company responsibility. This training also applies to personnel using a vehicle on behalf of a company. The aim of this training is to improve a delegate’s driving ability and to access his/her ability to drive safely.

Course Content

  • Course registration
  • Module 1 Driving Safety

- Element 1.1 Laws & Regulations 
- Element 1.2 Driving Hazards & Vehicle Safety Features 
- Element 1.3 Traffic System & Road Layout 

  • Module 2 Driver Journey Management 

- Element 2.1 Journey Management & Vehicle Checks 
- Element 2.2 Defensive Driving Techniques 

  • Module 3 Driving Performance 

- Element 3.1 Practical Driving

Delegate Performance Assessment

There are two parts to this training and assessment program – theory and practical training and assessment. 1) After theory delegates will be assessed against the learning outcomes using a short written test devised for each module. 2) Theory part will be followed by a practical demonstrations and driver training/ assessment which will allow delegates to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and understanding of using safe driving practices.

Learning Outcomes:


Delegates who have completed the course must have gained an understanding of: 

  1. Local driving-related laws and regulations, environment, culture and local conditions
  2. The legal documents that must be carried with the vehicle
  3. The risks involved in day-to-day driving
  4. Common causes of road collisions
  5. Local driving hazards and factors that can affect driver’s ability to drive
  6. Vehicle safety features
  7. Various road signs and road markings identification
  8. The importance of vehicle maintenance and using roadworthiness checks
  9. Vehicle familiarization procedures
  10. The importance of pre-planning the journey
  11. Vehicle breakdown and emergency procedures
  12. Vehicle refueling
  13. Company driving policy and standards (if required by a company)


Delegates who have completed the course must be able to demonstrate: 
   14. Knowing how to carry out a pre-trip inspection and vehicle familiarization 
   15.Safe driving techniques and road procedures

Course details:

The technically sound car is required with all the relevant documents (technical passport, manual, service logbook and insurance) and of the same category at which the trainee is working. Only Company vehicles can be used during the practical session. The personal vehicles are not permitted to use.


After successful pass of practical part the delegate will receive OPITO course completion certificate.

Training Key Facts

Duration: 1-2 days  
Place: To be confirmed 
Price: Includes course materials, assessment & certificate 

Course price: To be provided by request