Defensive Driving

Course Objective

The aim of the training is to minimize the fatality, traumas and damages resulting from the road and transport accidents through enhancing driver's skills in order to meet the required safe driving standards. To teach a driver to assess risks and forecast possible development of road situation. To increase driving culture, develop sense of responsibility to the performed work. To consolidate and assess theoretical knowledge on RK Traffic rules

Course Content

Day 1 
Theoretical part 
The course is based on OGP 365 standards for vehicle drivers and adapted for the driving environment in Kazakhstan. The course will rise participant’s Pro-Active driving skills, visual skills, knowledge of vehicle limitations, and a driver’s responsibility to other road users. There are nine modules in the couse: 

  1. Hearts and Minds
  2. Driver Condition
  3. Common Driving Errors
  4. The Driving Environment in Kazakhstan
  5. See and Survive
  6. The Driving Plan
  7. Vehicle Safety Systems
  8. Before you drive (vehicle checks)
  9. Vehicle Control – Out on the Road

Day 2 
Practical part 
After the end of theoretical part of training the delegates enter the practical part, where participants are checked for the knowledge obtained during the training and work out the safe-driving skills accompanied with instructor comments for each individual driving style. The results of both assessment and commentaries are summarized in the appraisal list.

Course details:

The technically sound car is required with all the relevant documents and of the same category at which the trainee is working.


After successful pass of practical part the delegate will receive course completion certificate.

Training Key Facts

Duration: 1-2 days 
Place: To be confirmed 
Price: Includes course materials, assessment & certificate 

Course price: To be provided by request