Stress management

Course overview

The development of the participants integrated technology for managing stress and increasing their resistance to stress. This will allow them to expand their "working" zone and will help avoid many mistakes in their work. That, in turn, will reduce the overhead of Companies, members of which they are, and give these companies an opportunity to successfully implement new, complex or risky projects.

Target Audience

Managers and professionals who are due to the specifics of their work have to successfully resolve complex responsible tasks under time pressure, in situations of high uncertainty and high cost of mistakes, often regardless of their physical and mental state.

Course objectives

Participants will be able:

  • Learn to manage their stress, easily changing its level under the current task.
  • Learn how to adjust their mental state, if still can not to avoid stress.
  • Be able to quickly recover from overload.
  • Improve your resistance to stress - learn how to "to hold a blow".

Course content

1. ABCs of stress
2. Modern Stress Management
3. Prediction and prevention of excessive stress
4. Increase of resistance to stress. Theory and Practice
5. The technique of self-regulation
6. Self-Healing - what to do if you "burned out" after all?
7. What to do after the training?

Training Key Facts

Duration: 2 days 
Dates: to be agreed
Place: to be agreed 
Price: Includes course materials, assessment, certificate
Certification: BAITAU certificate