Conflict management

Course overview

This practical training will help to resolve conflicts more effectively both inside and outside the organization, to mediate in situations of conflict of interests and effectively conduct negotiations. The training program prepared based on the latest

developments in the field of psychology and human resource management. Target Audience

Managers at all levels, staff working with clients who constantly carry out interactions with other people.

Course objectives

  • Mastering the techniques of hasty conflict resolution;
  • Learn how to diagnose the conflict;
  • Testing of techniques of work with aggression;
  • Testing of techniques that are effective to resist manipulation;
  • Testing of skills of "balancing" of relations;
  • Improve your personal effectiveness;
  • Learn how to negotiate;
  • Increase the level of competence in business relations.

Course content

1. The concept of "conflict”
2. Diagnosis of conflicts 
3. Strategies of influence in the conflict
4. Methods of Conflict Resolution
5. Negotiations - as a method of conflict resolution
6. The implementation of mediation in conflict
7. Stress Management

Training Key Facts

Duration: 2 days 
Dates: to be agreed
Place: to be agreed 
Price: Includes course materials, assessment, certificate
Certification: BAITAU certificate

For booking and questions please contact:

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