Consultancy - Health & Safety



  • Initial Status Review


  • Health & Safety Policy

We can help you devise a new health and safety policy for your company, or renew an existing one.


  • Health & Safety Inspections

Performing thorough checks on a regular basis allows you to identify and control potential hazards and ensure employees and other individuals are not put at risk. We carry out full health and safety inspections of the physical aspects of your premises, as well as your on-site documentation.


  • Health & Safety Audits

Audits are tailored to meet the precise needs of our clients. Our H&S audits can be desktop only or they can include site visits to verify that policy and practice are in alignment. After these assessments have been completed, we produce a prioritised action plan offering guidance in how to make any required improvements.

  • Health & Safety Risk Assessment 

We can carry out your risk assessments on your behalf, completely eliminating any hassle. Or we can support you through the process by providing the appropriate forms and by training the employees who will be carrying out the analyses. We will also comment on completed assessments.

  • Health & Safety Manuals

We can help provide you with tailored Health and Safety Manuals that include written arrangements for the planning, organisations, control, monitoring and review of your health and safety measures.

  • Employee Handbook

Providing an employee health and safety handbook is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that the policies and procedures of your organisation are communicated to your staff. We can also customise the content so that it meets your specific requirements.

Consulting on Health and Safety, Industrial Safety and Fire Safety with regard to compliance with legal and regulatory requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan:    

  • Health and Safety under RoK Labour Code;
  • Hazardous facilities industrial safety under RoK Civil Protection Law;
  •  Fire Safety under RoK Civil Protection Law.


  1. Review of existing documentation followed by report preparation comprising comments on update of existing documentation or development of additional documentation. 
  2. Existing documentation update.
  3. Additional documentation development.


- Analysis of production hazards using HAZOP method

Hazards and Operability Analysis (HAZOP) is a qualitative study that is a key component in the process of standardizing company’s management of health, environment and reputation risks.

HAZOP is a systematic and comprehensive review of the process in order to:

  • Define and understand hazards associated with the process or a change,
  • Analyze hazards’ severity,
  • Assess adequacy of safety measures,
  • Develop recommendations for mitigation of justified hazards,
  • Ensure selection and application of appropriate risk mitigation measures,
  • Ensure complete documenting of performed analyses including all relevant recommendations.

Our team of highly qualified experts has an extensive practical experience in this area that includes not only studies but also provision of consulting services.

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