NEBOSH: Closing interviews

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What is the purpose of a closing interview?

The purpose of the closing interview is to confirm that the work you have submitted is your own work and that you did not have assistance in completing your assessment.

The Interviewer may ask you questions based on your open book examination.

Your closing interview will be arranged directly with your Learning Partner. It will take place via a video link and will be conducted by an Interviewer nominated by your Learning Partner (your Learning Partner is the organisation you have studied with).

You must attend a closing interview – if you do not attend then your mark will not be awarded.

How should I prepare for my closing interview?

You need one of the following forms of identification to show to the Interviewer at the start of the interview:

  • passport
  • driving licence
  • national identity card.

You will be given a date and time for your closing interview.

You will need access to either a smart phone, tablet or computer. Interviews must take place in a private room and you are not permitted to have another person in that room at the time of the interview. The exceptions to this are:

  • if you are caring for children or a vulnerable person and you are unable to make safe arrangements for them to be looked after by someone else
  • if you require another person to be present during the closing interview as part of a reasonable adjustment. You should discuss this in advance with your Learning Partner.

Please note that reasonable adjustments will need to be approved by NEBOSH, so please ensure that you speak with your Learning Partner as soon as possible.

Please contact your Learning Partner to arrange your closing interview.

What format will the interview take?

The Interviewer will introduce themselves.

Show your identification: you will be asked to show your identification to the Interviewer, who will cross check this with your registration details.

Show the room you are in: the Interviewer needs to see you do not have any notes or electronic devices you can access during the interview. You will also need to sit so that the Interviewer can see the door of the room you are sat in.

Questions: the Interviewer will ask you questions based on your open book examination. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate what you have learned during your studies. Please also refer to ‘Advice for a successful closing interview’ section on the next page.

End of the interview: the Interviewer will close the interview but will not be able to inform you of the outcome on the video call.

What happens next?

If the Interviewer is happy that the work is your own, your mark will be declared in line with published NEBOSH timeframes. If your Interviewer is not satisfied that the work is your own work, they will notify NEBOSH who then contact you directly to advise the next steps. This may initially be a second interview with NEBOSH, or possibly an investigation in line with NEBOSH’s Policy and procedures for suspected malpractice in examinations and assessments.

Will I receive a mark for my closing interview?

Your closing interview is not an assessment, and therefore you will not receive a mark for it.

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